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Web Sites have officially transitioned from being brochures on the internet to revenue-generating assets.  For so long, businesses were just happy having a presence on the internet.  We consider your website a 24 hour per day revenue generator!  When you approach your website this way and start using it to drive leads and sales, it becomes more important than ever to spend time on the site’s design.


Your website needs to represent itself legibly on various devices, from cell phones and tablets to large displays on a desktop.  Customers won’t wait to squeeze and move the screen around to locate the information they are trying to find.  They also won’t stay on a site that takes over 7 seconds to load.

Many businesses don’t realize they are losing potential sales by not implementing responsive web design. User experience plays a large role in the significance of responsive web design solutions. If a visitor can’t easily use your site on a device such as a smartphone or a tablet, your unresponsive site will probably interrupt their buying cycle and send them running in the direction of your competitors.

Our responsive website service is 100% built around brand recognition, engagement and action.  Our goal is to make it easy for your customers to quickly understand what you do, why they should do business with you and how to contact you quickly.  Many businesses have no idea how many customers they are losing due to poor design, navigation and lack of calls-to-action.


Conversion Optimization

One of the most important things for a website is that it compels the visitor to take action, whether that be a phone call, filling out a form or downloading an eBook.   We employ a scientific approach to optimizing your website to drive your customers to action.  This involves eye-tracking software as well as solid best practices in web design.  We design, implement and measure our success to increase leads and sales for you.

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