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    Top 5 Reasons to Live in Sammamish

    People are flocking to Washington for job opportunities as well as to raise families. The city of Sammamish, WA is a great choice for those looking for a comfortable and safe place to settle down. Residents love living in the area, and there are many reasons why the city has become one of the top areas to move to in the state.

    1. Close to Everything

    While Seattle and Issaquah are some of the most popular cities in Washington, they are very densely populated. Those who want a more suburban feel should consider Sammamish, WA. This city is located on the outskirts of Issaquah. It takes residents only about 15 minutes to drive to Issaquah, and 30 minutes to get to Seattle. Reliable public transportation makes these commutes even easier.

    Because the city is just outside the major hubs, the cost of living tends to be more favorable. Families are able to purchase decent-sized homes at a reasonable price. This makes the area the perfect place to raise a family.

    2. Beautiful Parks

    There are many public parks in the city. Beaver Lake Park, Big Rock Park and Pine Lake Park are just a few of the countless parks in town. These parks offer a glimpse of the area’s beautiful scenery, including fishing lakes, swimming holes and nature trails. Children can run and jump for hours on the many playgrounds in the city. Families can also enjoy picnics under the abundant trees that fill the parks.

    3. Family Friendly

    The city has become a favorite for those looking to raise their children. There are so many family-friendly events happening all year long. The local YMCA boasts of one of the largest aquatic centers in the state. Families can purchase fresh produce at the local farmer’s market, or shop for home goods at one of the many retail stores in the Sammamish Highlands Shopping Center.

    4. Great Schools

    Education is important, and Sammamish, WA is known for its amazing primary and secondary schools. Both the Lake Washington School District and the Issaquah School District serve children in the city. The schools in both of these systems have received countless accolades for being some of the top districts in the state. Children in the city are guaranteed access to a great educational system.

    5. Low Crime

    The crime rate in Sammamish, WA is one of the lowest in the country. In fact, it’s currently listed at one of the top 100 safest cities for 2018. Parents can thus feel safe about raising their family in the city. Many people choose to walk from one place to another because the city is so safe. This sense of freedom also helps to make the city a more tightly knit community.

    In the past few years, Sammamish, WA has quickly become a highly coveted place to live. With many places to visit and a feeling of safety, it’s no wonder so many young families are moving to the area at a record rate. Current residents are in no hurry to leave, and those who are moving in are sure to quickly feel right at home. Learn more

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